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How to make a Pinterest Video Collage in Long Form with a Static Image

Have you seen new pins showing up on Pinterest that are long form pins with a combination of an image and a video at the same time?

How to make a Pinterest collage with an image and video together

Unfortunately, you cannot embed pins that have a video in them here on the blog, so you will have to head to Pinterest to check out some examples of my collage pins that have an image and a video together here:

This video will walk you through the process step by step on your phone.

You will need your usual video-making app and cut down the video you plan to use to less than 20 seconds. I do this in iMovie.  Then, I usually got to the blog post and just take one of my horizontal images from the post.  Sometimes I will edit it and add a title if the video doesn’t have a title sequence.

Then, I just put them together in a Video Collage app.  It’s very simple. Watch the video above and it will walk you through the entire process.

This is the Video Collage app in iTunes that I use:

I could not find this same app on Android when I searched online, but I don’t have an Android phone to look where you download apps.  I did see several video collage apps, so I’m sure it will work similarly with one of those with an Android phone.

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