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How to Increase Followers on Pinterest

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A few years ago I wrote a blog post all about how to increase followers on Pinterest over on TheTipToeFairy.  Now, some of it is a little out of date, but I still get a lot of traffic to that post.

These are ways I’ve learned to increase followers on Pinterest.

#1 Tailwind – I know it costs money, but it’s an investment worth it, if you want traffic and sponsored work.  When I joined Tailwind at the end of 2016 I had 9K followers on Pinterest.  I now have over 30K followers, and I truly believe it’s related to using Tailwind because I was stuck at 9K for a year prior to that.

Let me send you a free month of Tailwind to try yourself.

#2 Create several boards in which you can pin the same content.  Now, don’t do this too much, but you can create a board for Desserts and for Fun Kids Food, and then if you have a kid friendly dessert, pin it to both.

#3 Join group boards.  Some people don’t think this is a popular idea, but by being in group boards, some of my pins get over 70,000 impressions in just 30 days.

#4 Make your pins the size Pinterest currently recommends – 600 x 900 pixels.  In the past they liked really long pins, but now they are wanting a smaller size.

#5 Use keywords in your descriptions.  Do a search for popular keywords and incorporate relevant ones into your Pinterest description.

#6 Use hashtags in your descriptions like you would with Instagram.

#7 Check Ahalogy and check out their pics for top Pinterest trends.  They are usually on the money when it comes to what people are looking for next.  These are the things you should be pinning or even creating in blog posts and pinning from your own site.

#8 Check out Pinterest’s Pinsights into top trends they are predicting. These are also the things you should be pinning or even creating in blog posts and pinning from your own site.

#9 Make it easy for people to pin your content.  I can’t tell you how many blogs I go to today that don’t have a “pin it” button.  There are many choices of plugins from WordPress for a Pin it button.

#10 Take time every few days and manually pin.  Even if you have a scheduler like Tailwind, it’s still important to manually pin.

I’ve seen popular bloggers who actually delete pins they’ve pinned if it’s from some other blogger and it’s getting more traction than their own blog’s pins.  However, I do not think this is a good idea.  I have a pin from a food blogger friend that is huge all the time.  It’s some kind of buffalo chicken thing, and it’s always popular.  And, do you know what that popularity gets me? More impressions from that pin, which then translates into more impressions of my own blog’s pins. The more popular your pins are, the more likely Pinterest is to show your other pins more.


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