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How to Gain Instagram Followers

Gone are the days when gaining followers on Instagram was easy.  The algorithms change and it can be so hard to get new eyes on your Instagram posts.  It almost feels like a losing battle.  But, I’ve got some tips that have totally helped me consistently gain followers.

Grow Your Instagram

Tips for Gaining Instagram Followers

#1  Make use of your profile! Make sure you completely fill out your profile.  Work your bio to add location, website, things you like to post, a tag line, etc.

Work the link in your bio to include a current post, affiliate link, or something to let people see more of you!

Here’s an example of how I did it:

Make use of your Instragram Bio

Make sure to check this box so your profile is shown to others to follow:

Similar Accounts on Instagram

#2  Use locations! I’ve found when you tag the place you are, such as a great restaurant, you get more eyes on your post which always leads to some new followers. This is true for posts as well as instastories.

#3 Use Instastories!  I discovered the more regularly I post Instastories, the higher and higher the views I get.  It also leads to more views on my profile.  But, I have some recommendations for Instastories:

  1. Don’t add more than 2-3 hashtags per instastory.  From my own experimentation, I’ve found that if you add more than that, the views just tank on your instastory.
  2. Create Highlights of Instastories on your bio.  Please LOVE to look at those, and it often determines if they follow you or not.  This is a great tutorial I used awhile back to create my highlight images.  I so wished I had done it sooner.

Create Instagram Highlights

#4 Look for trending and/or relevant hashtags and use them in your posts.  Then follow those hashtags and engage with people who are also using them.

#5 Write descriptive captions. I never realized how I gravitated to the Instagram posts that had stories until last year.  Now I try to work on storytelling for each of my posts.  I definitely helps generate engagement and sharing.


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